Having a degree in literature, a qualification in nursing, and having worked as an educational assistant in a college, never distracted Antoine Faucheux from his childhood fascinations – the family bakery oven and the agricultural workshop next door! “I used to spend all my time there drilling scrap metal, making swords and armour that was way too heavy for me!”

The idea to go to Thiers (in the centre of France) to learn knife making was a bit of a wild one, totally in keeping with Antoine’s eclectic experiences, and combining his fascinations for fire and metal.

The time came to return to Mayenne to open his workshop and start a family “I feel really at home here. When you compare with other places, other regions, you realise that we really do have an exceptional quality of life. “


Portrait Antoine Faucheux Coutellerie Du Maine Anjou
Antoine Faucheux

Knife making is a rare profession, it's important to help people discover it. They can come here and see how knives are made, ask questions, take pictures. This educational aspect to my work is very close to my heart.

Antoine loves
  • Being creative
  • Meeting people
  • Teaching his skills

Estampille Slowlydays

The Coutellerie du Maine-Anjou

Antoine Faucheux’s workshop is in the lock house in Neuville (La Roche-Neuville) on the bank of the Mayenne. There is also a shop area with wide open doors: “We have several ranges of small knives, including a folding knife. We make unique pieces from designs or models given to us by our customers. All our wood comes from Mayenne.”

You can make (and soon design) your own knife during a short course: “People are proud of what they have achieved and that makes others want to join in!”

Having enjoyed his professional training in cutlery making, part of a long family tradition “of great knowledge and skills,” Antoine was keen to train the two people who worked with him – the first being none other than his mother! The second was a visitor who entered the workshop and has never left.


Following a local call for projects, Antoine was selected to bring the old lock house back to life.

From April to September, he is also the lock keeper!

The two activities complement each other well. We provide information to people who navigate the Mayenne as well as hikers on the towpath. For them, the workshop is an additional attraction. “

A warm welcome is guaranteed.

Antoine's favourite place in

Le lavoir de Chemere Le Roi

“See the wash house in Cheméré-le-Roi. I have many childhood memories from there, but I still find it so pretty with my adult eyes. Like the village itself, it’s a stone’s throw from the moulin de Thévalles and the caves at Saulges.”

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