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Slowlydays: a group of Mayenne professionals committed to 5 strong values

Mayenne professionals, hosts, restaurateurs, shopkeepers, craftsmen, tourist site managers… have come together in a collective with a common objective, to embody the strong values of the Mayenne.
To achieve this, they are committed to 5 values: benevolence, sharing, ethics, local and eco-responsibility.

Writing and publishing their slowlydays commitments on our website is a prerequisite for joining the collective.

Through this approach, these professionals, already known for their warm and friendly welcome, their culture of sharing and kindness, wish to let their guests, clients, visitors… know how they embody these values. And because they place the human being at the centre of their concerns, they do not hesitate to reveal a little of their personality in the portraits we write with them.

Being part of a local network where they can exchange, share good practices and find complementarities is also an important motivation for them .

To get to know the members of the Slowlydays collective go to our page below.

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