Belvédère des Toyères - Saint-Pierre-des-NidsBelvédère des Toyères - Saint-Pierre-des-Nids
©Belvédère des Toyères - Saint-Pierre-des-Nids|Sarah Veyseyrre
Mont des Avaloirs country

The Mont des Avaloirs country

A natural destination

In the heart of the Normandy-Maine Regional Nature Park, discover the most beautiful hills and forests of the West.

A hikers’ dream, and also a country whose light has inspired the greatest artists.

Carte de la Mayenne - Mont des AvaloirsCarte de la Mayenne - Mont des Avaloirs

The highest point in western France

is in Mayenne!

The Mont des Avaloirs in Pré-en-Pail Saint-Samson rises to a height of 416 metres (1360 feet).

From there, in a particularly unspoiled countryside with lots of magnificent places to visit, hiking trails take you through the hills and forests:

  • Sainte-Anne-de-Champfrémont is home to a chapel which also once served as a prison for vagabonds during fairs and markets,
  • the natural splendour of Trotté in Saint-Pierre-des-Nids,
  • the Corniche de Pail and its protected natural areas,
  • the forest of Pail

Mountain biking tours start at the Perles in Averton.

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