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La Mayenne with kids

In Mayenne, the unexpected lurks in every nook and cranny, at the turn of every path. A land of limitless exploration for young and old adventurers alike. Here, we take the time to put our hands in the earth and dip our feet in the river. Gentle pleasures and sensational activities intermingle.

Whatever our tastes or age, we share moments together that please everyone.

A great dose of inspiration !

It’s not always easy to know what to do with the kids ! To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a selection of visits and activities to delight the whole family.



Nice souvenirs and postcards

To all those little adventurers who will explain with panache how “awesome” the towed buoy is, who will list ALL the animals they’ve met at the Refuge de L’Arche, or who will happily comment on the prehistoric paintings discovered in the Saulges caves: we’ve got a present for you.

Because all those lovely memories of vacations in Mayenne deserve to be told to friends and family, you can collect our free coloring postcards from Tourist Offices throughout the department.

Mayenne at low prices

With the May’N Pass, you can discover Mayenne at low cost at over 30 of the department’s tourist and leisure attractions!

Free of charge, you can obtain it from the department’s tourist offices, or order it directly online.

For practical information and the order form, click on the link below.

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