The flavours of Mayenne
Légumes du marchéLégumes du marché
©Légumes du marché|Pascal Beltrami

Local specialities

In its food, Mayenne cultivates a taste for authenticity, the happiness of cultivating skills that have been handed down through the generations, and the pleasure of introducing new people to all the wonderful fresh local produce.

The riches of the Mayenne soil, specialities developed by open and curious minds, the great successes of our chocolate and cheeses – all in the image of Mayenne itself – character, taste, innovation and a job well done.

Visitors may be surprised that such a seemingly little known corner of France has has inspired so many innovative and tasty products. You’ll quickly understand why so many Mayenne residents, whether born here or by adoption, have found the ideal setting for their food-producing projects here.

There are always new cheeses, beers, biscuits and chocolates to try every year, always a delight and a surprise to discover.

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