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Chocolaterie Roland Réauté - Chateau-GontierChocolaterie Roland Réauté - Chateau-Gontier
©Chocolaterie Roland Réauté - Chateau-Gontier|Mayenne Tourisme

Mayenne chocolate

Two famous local families

Perhaps not as famous as Swiss or Belgian chocolates, but Mayenne is also a dab hand at the art. Two particularly successful local businesses are Réauté, with its cookies, macaroons, sugared almonds and confectionery, and Monbana, which produces Neapolitan squares, fine chocolates and biscuits, bars, soft drinks and powdered cocoa.

A range of extraordinary flavours, made in Mayenne.


60 million chocolates

That’s how many the Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne site produces each year. Roland and Madeleine Réauté were far from imagining such numbers when they opened a bakery here in 1954. Their children and grandchildren extended the business into chocolate and today they supply such illustrious Parisian customers as Hédiard, la Tour d’Argent and Maxim’s.

Two specialities created by the founders are still popular today – called Mayottes and Carats.

Today, the creations of Réauté, made with 100% pure cocoa butter, are sold in 60 high-end stores in France (with local branches in Laval and Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne).


From the professional sector to the general public

The story of Monbana begins in the trenches of the World War I, where Louis Guattari met Pierre-François Lardet, creator of the popular drink Banania. The two men worked together on the development of the brand before setting up their cocoa factory. Monbana eventually left Courbevoie settle in Mayenne, where it would become one of the département’s most important companies.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Monbana has marketed its often innovative creations under its own brand. In addition to the restaurants and tea rooms that built its reputation, the company also has 25 boutiques (two of which can be visited in Laval and Ernée), selling the products so admired by professionals and the general public alike.

Unmissable chocolate tour

Réauté Chocolate offers you its “Visite Choc

One of the company’s manufacturing sites is open to the public. Under the guidance of a master chocolate maker, you can discover all the stages of chocolate making, from cultivation of the beans, importation, the manufacture of raw materials and the transformation into chocolate and finished products for sale…

The world of chocolate is a fascinating and delicious story!

La Rilletta Biscuitier du Maine - ChangéLa Rilletta Biscuitier du Maine - Changé
©La Rilletta Biscuitier du Maine - Changé

Did you know…

La Rilletta is a popular breakfast time spread in France, made with hazelnut, chocolate and corn petals). Other product include P’tits Beurre Mayennais, Caramays and salted biscuits, the specialities of Le Biscuitier du Maine, real name Emmanuel Dairou, who works in in Changé, near Laval.
His recipes, using no colouring, preservatives, additives or palm oil, are exclusively created with ingredients produced in Mayenne.

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