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Wild plantsWhich ones are good to eat?
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Edible wild plants

So what’s this flower growing through the wall…? Marie, enthusiastic botanist, takes you on a walk to discover some wild plants and their culinary properties.

Portrait Marie Cloteau A La Rencontre Des PlantesPortrait Marie Cloteau A La Rencontre Des Plantes
©Portrait Marie Cloteau A La Rencontre Des Plantes
Meet Marie

Marie fell into a plant pot when she was a baby, and has never ceased to be amazed at the variety and wonder of the plant world. She loves sharing her knowledge of it in all its aspects - botanical, medicinal, food, fun, symbolic, environmental... come and see for yourself!

Picking flowers

Early in the morning, Marie takes you for a walk along the hilly paths of Coëvrons. Along the way, she shows you how to identify and collect plants without damaging them.

She talks to you about their uses and their benefits, then it’s up to you — to choose, to pick, to smell, to taste…

With a basket full of aromas, it’s back to the kitchens, where Marie will share her secrets to making healthy and gourmet dishes based on the wild plants picked that very morning.

Then comes the time for tasting and an exchange of recipes.

The day ends with a delicious herbal tea – made from the plants collected, of course.

The Hermitage Medicinal Garden

Marie’s garden is both a living library and a charming setting for observing plants. There’s a herbal tea garden and a place for the public to sit and chat.

When the holiday season comes, Marie organises courses and discovery days there, where you can learn to identify, pick and dry plants to make herbal teas.




per person

This workshop includes

  • A day to discover wild plants and their uses
  • An introduction to botanical identification
  • Discovering the uses of the plants of the fields and hedgerows
  • Picking wild herbs and preparing a meal based on them
  • A friendly tasting of Marie’s dishes and herbal teas
  • Sharing recipes

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