Moulin de Neuville à Saint-Sulpice - vallée de la MayenneMoulin de Neuville, Saint-Sulpice, V43, dep53, Pays-de-la-Loire, France
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The Vélo Francette cycle patha wonderful way to see the area

Vélo Francette

See the sights and tone up those muscles!

Saddle up and enjoy the region on two wheels! Cycling tours are a great way to get the best out of the Mayenne, its countryside and towns.


France from a different angle

Mayenne is home to a genuinely beautiful section of the Vélo Francette cycling route. One hundred and five kilometres with no steep hills and a safety-first approach, following the towpath along the Mayenne river. Although it’s an easy route, you’ll need patience and perseverance to see it all!

Over 630 km of cycle paths

The Vélo Francette route is 630 kilometres long in total.
Between the D-Day beaches in Normandy and the port of La Rochelle (in Charente-Maritime), the Vélo Francette offers a smooth and beautiful journey through the French countryside. The Mayenne section combines a variety of facilities (restaurants, bike-friendly accommodation, toilets) and excellent signposting.

An ideal trail for families

And for friends who want to pedal in comfort!

Cycling has lots of features that make it an ideal holiday – you can to each other, listen to the world go by and all share all those special holiday moments. Discover the lively lock houses in summer and stop to chat to the lock keepers, who are often also gardeners, grocers and restaurateurs…

All the while the natural world unfolds around you.

Sharing the towpath

This section of the Vélo Francette route in Mayenne winds languidly through pasture fields, along the towpaths, through country villages and towns of art and culture.

It crosses the main towns – Mayenne, Laval and Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the architectural riches of these places and to plan a few gourmet breaks.

Even though the Vélo Francette was voted route of the year 2018 by the French Cycling Federation, it’s far from being the best known or most frequented cycle path in France. Enjoy the freedom of a clear road and beautiful scenery.

A well-kept secret, and now you’re in on it!

Worth knowing…

The Vélo Francette follows a towpath, which is unpaved. Mountain bikes and hybrids are better suited to the terrain than city or racing bikes.

If children are riding with you, it’s best to select stages of less than 40 km. Helmets are obligatory for riders under 12 years of age, and are strongly recommended for adults. Watch out for the river and riders coming towards you… For young children, a trailer or a towed bicycle are practical options.

All along the route, clearly visible signs inform you of the distance to the finishing line.

If you plan to return to your starting point by train, there is only one station on the Mayenne section, at Laval, otherwise you will have to drive to Angers. There is also a pay shuttle service (Andégave agency in Mayenne)

The Accueil Vélo brand guarantees a welcome and quality services along the cycle routes for cyclists.

The Mayenne section of the

Vélo Francette route

Vincent - Société Andégave

If you’d prefer to travel without bags, contact Vincent who will offer you a transport solution for all your luggage, adapted to your stay.

He can also take bikes back to your starting point (car park or railways station). Don’t hesitate to get in touch with him – he really knows the region!

Andégave – Agence Mayenne
06 82 84 54 88


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