Sainte Suzanne Vue Tertre GanneSainte Suzanne Vue Tertre Ganne
Sainte-SuzanneOne of the most beautiful Villages in France
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Lots of people take a little tour of Sainte-Suzanne, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France” and then move on. My advice is this: take your time to soak up the atmosphere and find out a little more about the people and history of this fascinating place!

One of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”

Take a stroll along the rampart walk. The sun lights up the restored facades and ramparts of Sainte-Suzanne.

At the foot of the village, the rolling countryside drifts into the distance, inviting you for a leafy walk – and we’ll do that shortly.

A tale of two Williams in Sainte Suzanne!
The first William is no stranger to our history textbooks – William the Conqueror once tried to subdue Sainte-Suzanne. Pugnacious fighter though he was, he had to give up trying to bring down the ancient fortress. Find out more about the town that resisted the conqueror of nations, eloquently told at the Musée de l’Auditoire.

The second William is less well known. Guillaume Fouquet de la Varenne was Lord of Sainte-Suzanne at the beginning of the 17th century. He built the Renaissance château, a jewel of classical architecture.

The “CIAP”

This elegant building is home to the splendid Centre for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage. At first sight something of an intimidating institution, it’s actually quite the opposite. The exhibits highlight the artistic and architectural history of the region as well as its living heritage – the wildlife of Mayenne.

A fun and educational visit.

Culture and nature under one roof!

Clairvoyant faces…

Behind the old stones lie clairvoyant faces. Stay at the Gite des Remparts to find out what that means! Carole-Marie and Jean-Philippe are the happy owners of this delightful home. Living in Sainte-Suzanne was their dream come true and they settled in the village some years ago. They offer comfortable accommodation, and their greatest delight is sharing their love-at-first-sight for the village and the region with their guests.

An intriguing boutique with a lavender frontage in Sainte-Suzanne is home to a soap factory which visitors can enjoy all year round. The charm of the building and the chance to make his own produce locally are the ingredients that persuaded Yann to create this laboratory of soap, which has become an international benchmark of the art. The perfumes are intoxicating- it’s worth taking the time to attend a demonstration by the master perfumer himself.

Beautiful surrounding countryside

Before you leave, don’t forget to explore the old tower. Metal walkways allow visitors to walk through the ruins of the old building, a metaphor for a journey through time.

After the dark of the ruins, you’ll be looking forward to some greenery and fresh air. Climb the Ganne hill across the river from Sainte-Suzanne. The rustic atmosphere and the view are splendid.
There’s no rush to get to the top – take your time… which is the motto and the spirit of Sainte-Suzanne!

Sainte-Suzanne - EnseigneSainte-Suzanne - Enseigne
©Sainte-Suzanne - Enseigne

Did you know…

As you stroll along the banks of the river Erve as it flows by Sainte-Suzanne, you’ll see a number of old mills. Some made paper pulp from used fabric which were used for playing cards, among them the most beautiful were for tarot decks.

While strolling around the village, you’ll come across these figurines which often indicate a trade or a singular building.

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