A passion for water skiing led Marie-Noëlle Sourty’s family to leave the north of Mayenne for Château-Gontier. “I have practiced this sport all my life. I transmitted this enthusiasm very early on to my two children who have both reached national and international level.

We used to come several times a week to train, and decided to move here. We found our happiness in a beautiful valley, very close to the river and the club. As the second building on the property was unoccupied, the idea of turning it into a holiday rental came naturally.”

Gîte Et Chambre D'hôtes Les Perrettes à Château GontierMarie Noëlle Sourty Ch Et Gîte Les Perrettes à Château Gontier ©mayenne Tourisme
©Marie Noëlle Sourty Ch Et Gîte Les Perrettes à Château Gontier
Marie-Noëlle Sourty

“Even though people have seen the photos of Les Perrettes on the Internet, they're always pleasantly surprised when they see the real thing. We have opened our guest rooms and lodges (all with the Gîtes de France quality charter) gradually, one by one. This has enabled me to constantly improve quality. I love it that our visitors take the time to get settled in, and the earlier they arrive, the more time we have to take care of them and for them to enjoy the place.

Marie-Noëlle loves
  • Human interaction
  • Decorating
  • Water skiing

Estampille Slowlydays

A cottage in harmony

With the creation of the cottage and opening of the guest rooms, Marie-Noëlle took the time to design and create a harmonious layout combining different architectures and styles. While continuing her activities as a manager at the sports club, being a host has given her a different way to establish relationships with people.

“We welcome people who love nature to the lodge and the guest rooms, and love helping them discover the area, and hearing their own stories. I hope we have created a happy atmosphere where everyone feels at ease.”



Discover Mayenne

“Mayenne is not always easy to understand. It’s not a well known tourist destination, but what they discover most often amazes them!

Guests can walk from Les Perrettesin to the historic and centre of Château-Gontier in just a few minutes. There they’ll discover the flowery banks of the river Mayenne with its tourism port and the old convent. The Arche animal sanctuary is also a must-see.

We guide our guests according to their own hopes for their holiday, to all the tourist and cultural riches we have here.”


A word from



I have enjoyed welcoming and meeting my guests for ten years now. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and hearing their adventures. I can guarantee you a peaceful and relaxing stay!

A am committed to:

  • helping you to discover the country around Château-Gontier by bike, on foot, by boat or by car
  • sharing my hobbies: decoration, crafts and water skiing
  • making breakfast – home made jams from our own fruit trees, cakes and yogurt, all homemade.



Where to find


Marie-Noëlle's favourite place in

Musée Robert TatinMusée Robert Tatin
©Musée Robert Tatin

“You can’t stay in Mayenne without visiting the Robert-Tatin museum in Cossé-le-Vivien. A unique artist and a beautiful site, undoubtedly the most astonishing and unusual thing to see in Mayenne.”