While studying agronomy, Marie Cloteau became fascinated by the book “La Petite Flore” by botanist Gaston Bonnier and the world of plants it opened up to her. A love of herbal tea and meeting people did the rest…

Her garden, open to the public during her courses, is located on the slopes of the village of Montaigu, one of the most picturesque sites in Mayenne.

Marie and her companion Thierry, a cattle breeder, chose this farm thirty years ago for its excellent environmental quality. The plants from Marie’s garden, both aromatic and medicinal, all have their place in her search for the most beneficial balance between the “cultivated” and the “wild.”


Portrait Marie Cloteau A La Rencontre Des PlantesPortrait Marie Cloteau A La Rencontre Des Plantes
©Portrait Marie Cloteau A La Rencontre Des Plantes
Marie Cloteau-Girard

“It's my belief that humans should re-weave their link to the wild plants that surround them, to realise, humbly, that we are one species among billions of others. I hope to change the way people look at plants and their relationship to plants, and to raise questions."

Marie loves
  • Herbal teas
  • Plants
  • Talking to people

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Discovering plants

I discovered that herbs were also used to make teas and I started talking to people who collected plants for their herbal teas. This led me to my first picking walks, and then to cultivate different varieties to harvest in my own garden.

When Marie started selling her surplus crops, it all came together.



Marie trained in herbalism and ethnobotany to deepen her understanding of the world that so fascinated her.

Of course, she continues to grow, pick and make herbal teas, but she now also offers courses, workshop and teaching in ethnobotany: “My work is most often aimed at a well-informed public, at enthusiasts. When I work for a local municipality or a society, it is more a question of raising awareness. The goal is always to create a bond. I like to meet people, see how they maintain their little corner of the planet! When you let yourself amazed by the beauty of life, you can no longer go on behaving in the same old way.

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As an agronomist and ethnobotanist, I have been cultivating a large garden of aromatic and medicinal plants for more than 30 years, an organic farming enterprise where wild and cultivated plants grow side by side.

From my daily walks with my plants, the “Meet the Plants” workshops were born. The objective is to reforge the links between the plants that we come into contact with every day and human well being.

Looking at the flowers, tasting, smelling, and feeling the textures the plants are on the program of the workshops which take place in a spirit of exchange between the participants.

Each plant has a story to tell, whether its a plain old lettuce or a spicy herbal tea, its a wonder of the world!

My greatest reward is opening people’s eyes to the diversity of living things.

I am often told “Since I got acquainted with all these plants I used to call weeds, I can’t do the weeding anymore!”



Marie's favourite place in

Sainte Suzanne Sainte Suzanne Chammes Cp Philippe Caharel Mayenne Tourisme 1920px

“Come to the Coëvrons hills, discover the beautiful bocage countryside, with its unpaved lanes protected by a hedge on each side. It’s not so common anymore!”

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