Long-distance globetrotter and job-trotter Jacky Roux has been involved in event organising, teaching economics, banking, insurance and the hotel and restaurant business, on the northern coast of Britanny.

Today, he is the life and soul of the Grange Ô Belles, an authentic farmhouse gite which he has transformed in to a welcoming stopover. Just one hour from Le Mans, the location has also allowed him to indulge his passion for motorcycles. Situated in Champfrémont, at the foot of the Avaloir hills the RN12 road makes it easily accessible.

Jacky Roux La Grange ô BelleJacky Roux La Grange ô Belle2
©Jacky Roux La Grange ô Belle
Jacky Roux

“My guest house is a friendly place. People feel at ease here, it's a home from home. The dining room is really the living room, a place for discussion and exchanges. We're in the countryside, with fresh products from the orchard and from the farm, yet close enough to the town not to feel isolated"

Jacky loves
  • Motorcycles
  • Cooking
  • The countryside

Estampille Slowlydays

Caring people

“This countryside is calm and relaxing. I do have neighbours, but not very close by. We have a well, a pond and natural springs and in front of the house you’ll find the orchard and garden, at the back four acres of meadows …

I felt at home straight away here. I called on craftsmen from the surrounding area to renovate the house and that really opened doors to me. The people are incredibly warm and welcoming, some of the nicest folks I’ve ever met”





Motorcycle enthusiasts will love the road to the Grange Ô Belles, whether on the way to the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans or for a stopover with friends or family during a ride.

“I often have guests coming because previous visitors recommended the house. That gives me great satisfaction. If I have to prepare a meal at 10 p.m. for people who will be arriving late, that’s no problem – I have always loved cooking for food lovers, and I can rustle up a lovely regional dish made with local products that I buy from the farmers and local markets. My dishes are inspired by my origins in the South of France, my long years in Brittany and my travels around the world… ”

A word from



Traveller, biker, chef, but that’s not all!!!

Once I’m back home, I will

  • be there to serve breakfast – at dawn if necessary – or make small supper, even for one person.
  • make sure that my kitchen, which is also a dining room, is open to everyone for a chat, for a welcome drink or while I’m preparing meals…
  • share my family’s recipes with interested guests so that they can make them at home.

I get my supplies from local traders, the Ferme de la Trinité for the cheese, the Jardin de Vaucillon for the vegetables and I make own jams and desserts with fruits from my own orchard.

You’ll have guessed by now that my favourite part of the day is dinner time, which always symbolises sharing and family for me.



Where to meet


His favourite place in

Verger Conservatoire Sainte AnneVerger Conservatoire Sainte Anne
©Verger Conservatoire Sainte Anne

“I recommend two beautiful places nearby, the conservatory orchard of Sainte-Anne de Champfrémont and the Ferme de la Trinité in Saint-Julien des Églantiers, where the excellent Tomme de Pail cheese is produced. “