At 18 years of age, this “100% Parisian” already yearned for the countryside, the oppostunity to forge a real link with the place she wanted to live. “When my first child was born at the turn of the century, I decided to leave Paris.

Back then I didn’t even know Mayenne existed, but I came across an ad: stone house, with old beams, a large garden, in the countryside, and at an attractive price. I fell in love with it immediately. I loved the countryside with its cows, pretty houses and fields. I was happy to have my own garden, my vegetable patch, and so much space! I also quickly found a job as an accountant.”


Florence Les Savons De RaphaëlFlorence Les Savons De Raphaël
©Florence Les Savons De Raphaël
Florence Ankri

“I started by creating all-natural soaps and cosmetics for myself and my friends, but people encouraged me to take the next step and to make it a real business. I created "Les Savons de Raphaël" in Mayenne in 2010. I have to say it didn't work right away, as ecology and zero waste were still making their way into the public consciousness, but I stuck to it. Word of mouth really helped. I listen to my clients and that always inspires me. We have just opened another shop in Laval. "

Florence loves
  • Mayenne
  • Natural things
  • Relationships

Estampille Slowlydays

Privileged relationships

Almost 20 years later, with a larger family (Raphaël is her second child), her love affair with Mayenne continues: “Saying hello to each other when you meet out walking, I didn’t even know people did that before!

I really melted into the community, I listened to all the advice people gave me, for the garden for example. The people of Mayenne are extremely nice and polite. I have always reached out to people, I like contact. I find that we are very privileged in Mayenne.”



Mayenne in soaps!

Success came (production quintupled in 8 years) without Florence having to sacrifice any of herideals. Her soaps, oils, shampoos, balms, serums and deodorants are all natural and mostly organic. The shops are “zero waste,” and packaging is kept at a minimum. Her research and innovation (for which Chloé Guillemet joined the adventure) earned her a Talent Entrepreneurs Trophy.

Mayenne has found its place in the range of products: “Wherever I can, I use local products and packaging… for example, honey from Phacelia (Champgeneteux), spirulina from La Ferme du Pressoir (Craon), Biscuits from Maine (Changé), donkey milk from Bois-Gamats (Laval), sunflower oil ( from Mézangers), all very high quality products. The Mayenne is a little gem that should be highlighted more, but without compromising its natural wealth”


A word from



Ten years producing bubbles in Mayenne! Come and meet us, get some advice and test our samples – we will welcome you with the greatest of pleasure.

I am committed to:

  • using local products as much as possible (organic sheep’s milk from Chantrigné, organic honey from Champgeneteux, sunflower oil from Mézangers). I also work with other Mayenne craftsmen and women – ceramic soap dishes from Jublains for example.
  • demonstrating the benefits of cold saponification
  • with my range of solid shampoos, deodorants, balms and toothpastes, all contained in returnable and recycled packaging, respectful of the environment and the customer.
  • respecting the environment through the choice of raw materials and the zero waste concept.


Where to find


Her favourite place in

Sainte Suzanne vue du cielSainte Suzanne vue du ciel
©Sainte Suzanne vue du ciel

“Sainte Suzanne is the site that immediately comes to mind. The view of the Erve valley from the top of the ramparts is magnificent!”