Céline Pelluau worked the the tourist seasons for many years, working in catering in large hotel chains, in entertainment, tourist reception, grape picking etc. Often going on long backpacking trips to see how people live elsewhere, and especially how they cook, she came back to settle in Mayenne doing voluntary work and cooking, occasionally then regularly, for visiting artists. She didn’t know it yet, but the adventure of the “Comptoir” was already underway.

Céline Pelluau Le comptoir Pre en Pail
Céline Pelluau

My grocery store - bar - canteen is like a shop from yesteryear, but with local and organic products. Here I strike a balance between my personal convictions and my work. Everything I have done before serves me today.

Céline loves
  • Local produce
  • Cooking
  • Having fun with friends

Estampille Slowlydays

Local and seasonal products

In addition to cooking for festivals and cultural seasons, I did a bit of administration (my initial career). I stood out from the competition by seeking out and working with local products, especially organic ones. I made a solid network of friends among the local producers.”

When she started looking for a place to cook and store her products, one of her friends was looking for a place to brew her beer. They invested and renovated an old business on the main street, him in the basement, her on the ground floor: “The project happened all by itself without anything really being calculated. I opened a local produce grocery store that I stocked more and more to meet demand. I started cooking food based on these same products, with a vegetarian alternative, and our two businesses brought together very different clienteles: beer lovers, people with second homes here who get their supplies when they arrive, local people, fans of organic food and vegetarian dishes, as well as visitors passing through in summer.

Success led the brewer to expand and move to new premises, while Céline took over the entir ebuilding. After traveling the world from her native Mayenne, Céline found the stability she wanted to give her family and, without doubt, her best destination yet!

Céline's favourite products from

Tomme De Pail - Fromage

“I suggest two organic products among those I sell (you should also visit the producers): the Pré-en-Pail cheese, made not far from my shop and the beers of the Oudon brewery in Méral in the south of Mayenne. It’s the only local beer brewed by a woman.”

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