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Have you tried Mayenne kefir?

The ideal drink

Fig and lemon, elderberry flowers and berries, eucalyptus mint and spirulina… Alcohol-free, not too sweet, slightly sparkling due to the fermentation of the fruit and citrus juice, refreshing, and tasty, kefir is a uniquely refreshing and healthy drink.

Try it for yourself at the Atelier du Ferment

Where does kefir come from?

Known for its excellent dietary properties, being highly beneficial to the intestinal flora, and a booster for immune defences, kefir has ancient origins, and was spread around Europe by nomads – the word itself comes from an old Caucasian language.

If, for several millennia, Kefir-making was a closely guarded family secret, but here in Mayenne, the mystery is revealed and anyone can enjoy making and drinking it.

A family story

The secret of making kefir was passed down from generation to generation in the family of Sylvie and Marjolaine.

They spotted a hole in the market for an alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks having all the health benefits of probiotics and yogurt.

Their knowledge of local alternative food distribution networks and the science of food and health allowed them to take the plunge into the commercial world, producing the beneficial kefir themselves.

The Atelier du Ferment store

A home-made product, the Atelier du Ferment’s kefir meets the strictest quality standards, from raw materials to bottling. The production workshop in Courbeveille (le Bordage) doubles as a shop.

You can also find them every Saturday on the beautiful market square of Laval, at the summer night markets, and at the the refreshment bars of regional festivals.

Discovery and tasting workshops can be organised on request.

L'Atelier du FermentL'Atelier du Ferment
©L'Atelier du Ferment

Did you know…

Kefir is very pleasant to drink, but you can also use it in cooking. For example, why not mix it into your pancake batter or a fruit smoothie…


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