Market day!
Sur le marché de LavalSur le marché de Laval
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The colours and scents of the market

What if you could enjoy this simple and tasty meal, cooked with love and fresh market ingredients, were on your plate today!

Take advantage of your Slowlydays holiday in Mayenne to reconnect with the traditional market. Going to the market is above all about having fun, and finding the authentic seasonal products, their colours, their perfumes.

Freshness, authenticity, quality: meet the local producers and farmers keeping the traditions of good home cooking alive, and the local growers, so proud of their extraordinary gardens.

Beef, pork and poultry, all raised nearby, eggs, trout, apples, root vegetables, ciders, local cheeses, snails, organic bread… the list is truly endless!

Create your own menu!

The village market

It might not be immediately obvious while buying a bunch of asparagus or a tray of strawberries, but the market is a genuine “monument” to local heritage. Have you noticed how the market knows how to blend in with its environment, among the old buildings, shaped by the centuries?

To really get to know a town, a village, a city, listen to the market, which tells its story. Market day is the best day to arrive in any town!

Our favourite markets

The market in Laval (Saturday) is a must. Exceptionally well-stocked, a true meeting point of all the food wealth the Mayenne region has to offer. Located in the heart of the historic district, opposite the Renaissance gallery and the medieval château-museum, with lots of café terraces nearby for breaks.

In Château-Gontier sur Mayenne, the market (on Thursdays) is reminiscent of the era of the great cattle fairs. In the shadow of the impressive Basilica, this lively market is a thousand years old. The Craon market (on Mondays) is spread around the market hall just as it was in the past. In Ernée (on Tuesdays), the market makes heart of the city beat. The market in Mayenne (Mondays), it is the meeting place the whole of the Haute-Mayenne district.

A farm market

Dairy farm and producer of raw milk, butter and cheeses, the Épiés farm is also a tourist destination.

In Bonchamp, on the outskirts of Laval, the farm cultivates an educational dimension, introducing all aspects of the farmer’s work to the public. With friends, other producers, farmers or and craftsmen, the farm plays host to a market every Friday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm with meats, fruits and vegetables, grocery products, drinks, an dairy products for sale.

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©Marché nocturne à Villiers-Charlemagne

Did you know…

Evening markets, often with food tents and entertainment, with tastings of local products, mostly organic, and lots of small grocery stalls supplied by local producers…

Look out for these markets, always a pleasant moment to experience during your stay in Mayenne. Find out more from your hosts!


Jacques B.

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