"Boeuf fermier de Maine"

The famous local breed
Boeuf fermier du MaineBoeuf fermier du Maine
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A highly prized meat

Feeding people well means feeding the animals well too!

This obvious truth has often been lost to sight, but it the ancestral methods of cattle breeders are being rediscovered and put back into action. Along the picturesque little roads of the Maine country (to which Mayenne belongs), you’ll often see herds of cows, calves and oxen happily grazing…

They live most of their lives in the great outdoors, protected from the sun, rain and wind by carefully maintained system of hedgerows and sheds. Suckling on their mother’s milk during their first months of life, these cattle grow up grazing the richest pastures.

Committed cattle breeders

Boeuf Fermier de Maine – the Maine beef cattle breed

This redoubtable beast is emblematic of local agriculture.

Several hundreds farmers breed the Maine breed, rigorously respecting strict specifications.

From calving to the market, fodder is carefully selected and always GM free. Quiet and comfortable breeding conditions respect both the animals’ welfare and the environment.

Know how to choose your beef

The meat produced sports the coveted “Label Rouge” and the best place to savour is in the region where it is produced.

Whether at the butcher’s stall or in a posh restaurant, ask for Bœuf fermier du Maine, a meat bred with pride, and carefully selected by professionals. In supermarkets, the meat is sold under the brand “Le Grand Bœuf”.

Rich in proteins, vitamin D, minerals (iron, phosphorus), Omega 3, and low in fat, good beef lends itself to all kinds of recipes, braised, grilled, minced in a ragu, or raw in a tartare!

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on the best cut for your recipe

Label Rouge + Protected geographical identification and member of the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur society

Adopting the “Bœuf fermier” label means respecting the rules of the Label Rouge, a recognised sign of quality: traditional breeding methods, traceability from the place of birth to the point of sale and the time of maturation of the meat according to the different cuts.

Bœuf fermier du Maine” also gives a guarantee of origin, and that the animals were raised in the Maine, recognised as a European appellation since 1996.

La Vache Rouge Des PrésRace Rouge Des Pres
©La Vache Rouge Des Prés

Did you know…

Certain cattle types are bred especially for their meat – for taste and tenderness. One of them, the Rouge des Prés (the red cow), is a local breed derived from the Le Mans breed and the English Durham.

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