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Elderflower and elderberry

A product little-known but adored by gourmets

As common sight in the countryside, black elder is a bushy shrub with delicious berries with a taste somewhere between blackberry and grape.

While elderberries are used in the food industry for colouring and flavouring, and its nutritional virtues are well known, no one seems to have thought of making a complete range of products from this excellent and versatile plant.

In Soulgé-sur-Ouette, the Maison du Sureau (sureau is “elder” in French) has become a specialist in the production and processing of black elder (both berries and flowers).

A story from the Elder

Bertrand’s first career was behind the lens as a highly sought-after photographer for the local press and publishing industry, and he has many beautiful books, exhibitions and tourist guides in his portfolio

After travelling the world, he returned to Mayenne and planted his vegetable garden, reproducing his own mother’s elderberry jams and syrups using locally sourced ingredients.

Everything came together to complete the wonderful life adventure that is today the Maison du Sureau.

From the orchards to the table

The Maison du Sureau range has its roots in picking from the wild, and the principles of organic farming. The two orchards, an in-house laboratory, and the gentle and respectful cooking of the fruit all lead to a range of tasty specialities that our grandmothers could never have imagined, although they’d certainly have liked them! Gourmet jams, bewitching confits, light jellies, syrups with flavours of yesteryear and today, reinvented condiments, drinks, herbal teas, flowers and dried berries – come and see for yourself!

You’ll find the range of products in prestigious delicatessens, at fairs and festivals and in the local shops.

Recipes with elder

Generosity is a vital ingredient in the art of cuisine. Exploring, imagining, renewing the thousand and one ways to enhance the flavours and dietary qualities of the elderberry. Above all, Bertrand and Natie love to share them!

Their website has lots of recipes (dishes, desserts, drinks) for you to make yourself.

Recette avec du sureau-photo-libre-de-droitRecette avec du sureau
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Did you know…

A range for professionals

The originality of the approach and the healthy virtues of the elderberry led our fruit pioneers to develop a range of produce for professionals (juices, syrups, condiments, flowers and dried berries). The chefs in some of France’s highest profile restaurants use these products in their culinary creations.


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