A great fishing spot!
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Gone fishing…

Fishing on the river, a lake, at night or early in the morning, with accommodation fully adapted to the needs of anglers, this is what Mayenne has a great offer for all fishing enthusiasts.

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Why Mayenne?

No angler takes off on holiday without his rods, reels and bait… perhaps you think it’s time for your family to find out what makes this such a passion for you, and to be able to experience all the joys and peace of a day on the riverbank!

Perhaps you’ve never tried fishing, but have been watching Gone Fishing or just always dreamed of forming that peaceful silhouette at the edge of the water yourself. Taste, breathe, fully savour the natural environment and blend into it.

The number of watercourses, the variety of flow types (more lively in the north, slower in the south) and the landscapes they cross are some of the most abundant and diverse in France, with a a large diversity of species, from whitewater to deep pools, making all types of fishing possible, from the most tranquil to the most sporty, including fly fishing, lure, float tube – and the advice of professionals whenever you need it.

An angler’s paradise

This is why you are going to love the Mayenne valleys. Mayenne also has several coarse fishing stretches, and carp anglers can discover the joys of night fishing. Unforgettable!

Experienced anglers and beginners alike are welcome. Most of our waterways are open to allcomers. In the Mayenne valley alone, around a hundred landscaped fishing areas blend into the natural surroundings. No less than 300 hectares of ponds and water bodies, managed with high quality standards, are accessible. Fifty-two fishing clubs have pooled their banks with each other.

Wherever you’ve chosen to spend your holidays in the beautiful and gentle Mayenne, you will never be far from that ideal fishing spot!


with friends or family

We have selected accommodation suited to your needs, all within 500 metres of a fantastic fishing spot, and most often with a well-equipped tackle store. Better still, the local anglers share your passion and will be delighted to guide you to the best spots and help you discover the unsuspected riches of their river.

Mayenne Federation for Angling 
and the protection of the aquatic envirnment
78, rue Emile Brault
53000 Laval
Tel : 02 43 69 12 13

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Did you know…

This angler’s paradise in the Valleys of Mayenne has its own capital city, the holiday and fishing village of Villiers-Charlemagne where you can catch perch, pike and carp from the balcony of your own cottage – each equipped to comfortably house the whole family. In addition to a seven hectare lake, the village offers access to other fishing on the Mayenne, a river full of fish if ever there was one!

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