Château de Lassay - Lassay-les-ChâteauxChâteau de Lassay - Lassay-les-Châteaux
©Château de Lassay - Lassay-les-Châteaux|Sarah Veysseyre

Lassay-les-Châteaux fortified castle

Resistant to time
Fortified castle of Lassay-les-Châteaux

Costaud, a bit lucky and hard-boiled, the castle of Lassay is the very example of a heritage that defies time.
A model for eternal life?

It is the genius of architecture.
Sometimes a building withstands the test of time and comes to us without significant change. This is the case of the Lassay castle, carefully maintained by its attentive owners.

Built in the 15th century, the torments of history have spared it.
Luck therefore. Escaping destruction, invasions and other religious wars. Restored several times, it has undergone alterations without altering its silhouette. It is rare enough to be reported.

Its particularity?
Its 8 massive towers connected to each other by curtain walls and ramparts. This defence system, reinforced by machicolations and other murderers, enabled it to protect itself against attacks from the outside.
Against time, it has even done better than resist, the proof is that its drawbridge still works.

The mirror of water acts as a sedative.
Go to the small pond next to the castle. The silhouette of the towers is reflected there and the desire to lie down in the tall grass becomes irresistible.



During the summer, the castle comes alive.

In summer, under the impetus of a passionate team, historical reconstructions allow visitors to immerse themselves in 3 eras.
And every other year, a zip line is installed across the castle courtyard for a sensational ride…

The interior is also not to be missed.

For this private castle is still inhabited. As a result, its history is intimately linked to its occupants. And the rooms you visit are largely furnished (bedroom, weapons room, kitchen…).

A village gifted with life

Do you smell that heady scent around the castle?

Follow your sense of smell and reach the village of Lassay-les-Chateaux. Its garden with an astonishing pergola is a journey into the art of roses.

Nearby, the narrow streets with elegant residences invite you to daydream. In summer, the inhabitants dress up and offer dramatised walks of the village

Rando De Lancelot Au Pays De LassayRando De Lancelot Au Pays De Lassay
©Rando De Lancelot Au Pays De Lassay

Did you know that?

The medieval fortress of Lassay, built in the 15th century, is situated in a land of legends.
It is in Lassay that Saint Fraimbault, saint evangelizer of Maine in the 6th century, was buried, including
The legendary life would have inspired Chrétien de Troyes to create the character of Lancelot du Lac.

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