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Meeting with

Meeting with Laëtitia


Laëtitia welcomes you at the harbour lock in the Refuges du halage, on the towpath which is part of the cyclo la ©Vélo Francette itinerary.

It also offers a refreshment point stocked with local products from Haute Mayenne. This will enable tourists, whether staying in the gîte or passing by on the towpath, to take a break and eat, buy products to taste or bring back a small souvenir from Haute Mayenne.


of Laëtitia

If I were …

A point of view? 

The Mayenne river, seen from a boat bridge.

A local speciality? 

Homemade beers. Wherever we are in Mayenne, a brewer is not far away.

A local animal? 

The black-headed seagull which animates the locks.

An activity? 


A season? 

Spring and the beginning of flowering.

In Haute Mayenne

My favourite?

The “Lancelot” hiking trail in Lassay-les-Châteaux.

My favourite place?

At the heart of one of the many hiking trails.

My must-see?

The towpath.

Haute Mayenne in 1, 2 or 3 words?

Serenity, Heritage, conviviality.

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