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Meeting with Gwendoline


La Mayenne is the department with the most private castles.  The Castle of  Basmaignée looks like a fairy tale castle, with a private chapel, a traditional walled garden, outbuildings, and 11 hectares of woodland in which there is a small pond.

Gwendoline and Billy will welcome you there for your events or a stay in Haute Mayenne.


of Gwendoline

If I were …

A point of view? 

The view of the park from the castle in the morning, when the sun highlights the four hundred year old Lebanese Cedar and the whole countryside in the background.

A local speciality? 

L’Entrammes, delicious with a board of charcuterie in summer, succulent melted in a vegetable velouté in winter.

A local animal? 

The roe deer, which can be observed early in the morning in the woods of the castle.

An activity? 

Walks that can be done either on the property, on the hiking trails around Ernée, or on the banks of the Mayenne river in the department.

One season? 

Spring, when the whole landscape is made up of shades of green, each more powerful than the next.

In Haute Mayenne

My favourite?

The Living Room, a warm and welcoming restaurant in Ernée.

My favourite place?

The towpath, at the level of Montgiroux in St Germain d’Anxure, 20 minutes from the castle.

My must-see?

The home-made ice-cream at the Linay Pottier farm in Bourgneuf la Forêt.

Haute Mayenne in 1, 2 or 3 words ?

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