Fabriquer Soi Même Ses Produits Cosmetiques Et MenagersFabriquer Soi Même Ses Produits Cosmetiques Et Menagers
Home cosmetics and household products workshop
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Make your own cosmetics

Come and learn how to make your own toothpaste, moisturiser, shampoo or even washing powder!

Portrait Céline Pelluau - Le Comptoir - Pre en PailPortrait Céline Pelluau - Le Comptoir - Pre en Pail
©Portrait Céline Pelluau - Le Comptoir - Pre en Pail
Meet Céline

“My shop/bar/café/canteen looks like these places did in times gone by, but selling only local and organic produce. It's enabled me to strike the right balance between my personal convictions and my working life."

Make your own cosmetics!

Céline organizes events in her bar/shop where visitors can learn how to make her cosmetics and household products.

Alice is in charge of the workshops, and she’s the one who will share the secrets of making your own deodorants, toothpastes, detergents, dishwashing liquid or other cleaning products. And if you come at the right time, you can also find out what ‘Bee Wrap’ is!

After 2 hours of workshop and discussion, you will leave with the products you have made.

Around the counter

Workshops take place in the friendly setting of the Comptoir à Pre en Pail. A grocery store – bar – canteen that Céline opened here a few years ago. She offers organic and local products that she also cooks at lunchtime for people passing through the Mont des Avaloirs region, many of whom are regulars at this unusual place.




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This workshop includes

  • The 2-hour workshop
  • Learning the recipes and techniques with hints, tips and a friendly atmosphere
  • All the ingredients
  • The finished products

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shares her recipes with you
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