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Naturally curious

Curious youngsters will enjoy observing the wild flora and fauna around them. With a magnifying glass or binoculars, on their own or accompanied by an enthusiastic guide, these magical moments will forge their relationship with living things.

Published on 24 July 2023

Focus on local flora and fauna

with the Nature Discovery Centre of Laval

Nestling in the heart of the L’Huisserie woods, the Nature Discovery Centre is a mine of information about the local flora and fauna. Outings, events and shows are organised throughout the year. The seasons are punctuated by an introduction to reading animal footprints in the wood, a workshop on bat cottages and a meeting with the Office National des Forêts.

In summer, the Cabinet of Curiosities invites children to come and enjoy themselves as a family. Anecdotes and insights into the biodiversity of the Mayenne region await you.

Practical information: The minimum age requirement varies according to the workshop.The programme of activities changes from year to year. Reservations required.


Encountering life

With Mayenne Nature Environnement et the CPIE du Bas-Maine

Mayenne Nature Environnement and the CPIE du Bas-Maine offer a fun way to discover how living things work. All year round, they redouble their inventiveness to raise awareness among the very young of the need to preserve biodiversity and resources, always with an educational approach.

Nature investigations in the Bizeuls peat bog in Ernée, rallies, nature walks, botanical outings, astronomical observations, swift population census and many other activities are on offer. One Wednesday a month, the CPIE’s children’s and teenagers’ nature clubs give everyone the chance to awaken their curiosity and learn more about nature.

Practical information: The minimum age required differs from one activity to another. The programme of activities changes every year. Contact the associations for information. Children’s nature club: 7-11 years, teenagers 12-18 years. Registration required.



Another way to explore sensitive natural areas

Mayenne is home to an abundance of discreet wild flora and fauna. To help you explore it more gently, the Département de la Mayenne and its partners are offering discovery outings to sensitive natural areas, appealing to the 5 senses of young explorers.

Follow in the footsteps of the otter at Aron, observe frogs and newts at nightfall, marvel at the carnivorous plants of northern Mayenne, learn to make basketwork, create land art, sail at dawn on the Lac de Haute-Mayenne: no fewer than 52 supervised experiences are on offer free of charge throughout the year. Fun, magical encounters.

Practical information: Accessible from the age of 10, beginners and experts alike. Free admission.

Taking a different look at Mayenne

With the Nid’Obs

The 7 Nid’Obs along the 12-kilometre stretch of the towpath of the river la Mayenne between Ménil and Daon open up a remarkable view. These observatories give young and old alike the chance to stop and pay attention to the different areas and watch the landscapes change with the seasons. While some of the works open up deep views of the valley, others point out an unusual tree or a stump in the process of branching out.

On foot or by bike, you can take a lovely stroll along the towpath, ideal with children.

Practical information: Open-air exhibition. The towpath runs along 85 km of the Mayenne river. It is flat and safe. 

Sound immersion with Eric Médard

At Montgiroux

At Montgiroux, in the commune of Alexain, we set off to meet nature photographer Eric Médard. This nature lover, who was lucky enough to be able to photograph the otter in Mayenne, shares with us his passion for the micro-environments that make up the department and for the fauna that we no longer know how to see.

Listen to the podcast (in French only) :

A few suggestions for nature activities

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