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Aspiring artists

Modelling, cutting, painting, sculpting, drawing, assembling: when imagination meets action, little hands get busy. It’s a real source of pride to bring your own creation to life! Alongside local craftspeople or in museums, let’s awaken the artist in everyone.

Published on 24 July 2023

A colourful universe

With Patricia Toumoulin, 1001 Tesselles

In Mayenne, Patricia invites you into her colourful world for a mosaic workshop. Designing the motif, cutting and pasting, each child is the master of his or her own work. Themed workshops are offered regularly during the school holidays. You can also share a moment with your child by creating a collaborative piece.

Practical information: 3-hour introductory course in two sessions: 2 hours assembly and 1 hour finishing. Workshops also available throughout the year. Unaccompanied children aged 7 and over. By reservation only.

Cutting the stone

With Aline Jugé, Le Petit menhir

Aline Jugé’s unusual stone-cutting workshops will delight young and old alike. Whether you’re making an object out of tufa stone, or engraving a stone for the younger ones, everyone will leave with their own creation. Patience and precision are essential before you can see your motif being carved into the stone.

Step by step, Aline guides the apprentice carvers through their creations. Easy to work with, the tufa stone allows everyone to discover stone carving without difficulty.

Practical information: Stone engraving workshop from age 5, 45 minutes.Stone-cutting workshop, 3-4 hours.One-day stone-cutting course for 16-year-olds and over. These introductory courses take place in Lassay-les-Châteaux or Jublains during the school holidays. By reservation only.

Wood in all its forms

With Carole Clavreul, Atelier Mayenne

From the age of 7, you can design a wooden object in workshops organised by Carole Clavreul from Atelier Mayenne on Wednesday afternoons. Step by step, she guides children through the process of making the object of their choice, from the plank of wood to the finished product. They can also learn how to handle a scroll saw and other tools in complete safety. Oil paint and straw marquetry are also included.

Parent-child workshops are also available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.It’s a fun and collaborative activity, and a great way to share a bonding moment.

Practical information: Children’s workshop from age 7, in small groups of 4, Wednesday afternoons, duration: 1h30.Parent-child workshop, from age 5, on Wednesday afternoons or Saturdays, duration: 3 hours.

Expressing creativity through painting

With Yvon Huet, Art’Peintube

At Art’Peintube, in Laval, Yvon invites you to open the doors to creativity from the age of 6. Painting lessons, workshops, object makeovers, birthday parties: the range of activities he offers is wide. From brush to canvas, painting is at the heart of what you learn. All styles and techniques are explored.

In his studio, with its friendly atmosphere, generations meet and create together. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, classes are open to all. An artistic escape that’s sure to please young and old alike.

Practical information: Courses by the quarter or by the year, from age 6. Option to take part in a one-off 1? hour workshop: creation of a pop art-style painting. Bookings required.

Creating in museums

To immerse yourself in history in a different way, or to discover a new world, head for the museums. Creative workshops are offered during the school holidays, linked to the exhibitions of the day. Clay modelling, decoupage, colouring, painting, stamping: a wide range of techniques are explored.

Practical information: The themes, length of workshops and age groups involved vary from one museum to another. To find out more, check out their websites: programmes are available by season.

They offer creative workshops

Creative workshops and courses are regularly organised in Mayenne, so take a look at the calendar.

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