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Valley of the river MayennePeace and natural beauty

The Mayenne valley

Canada and Costa Rica are undoubtedly the leaders in ecotourism today — but you can combine respect for the environment and tourism here too, without going to the other side of the world!

Why not visit the Mayenne valley?

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A green and calm environment

The Mayenne (both the river and the valley), form the backbone of the region, dividing it in two from north to south. It’s a network of walking paths, cycle lanes, lakes and tributaries.

The ecosystem is extremely well-preserved, and often surprises even the most knowledgeable and environmentally aware enthusiast!

Eighty-five kilometres of walking and cycling trails along the river towpath

Between the river and the trees, plunge into a cocoon of tranquillity.

Stop now and again to absorb the fragrances of the woodland, observe the wildlife or visit a château, a lock houses or a water mill – so much to see along the route, part of the Vélo Francette cycle path.


Eco-tourism is no mirage

No danger of coming across a roaring 4×4 or a noisy scooter at every corner while pedalling or hiking. Trundle along peacefully at your own pace in a 100% natural universe. You won’t hear a single car along the way!

Respect for the environment is essential for those using the waterways too

Sail silently by on a rented houseboat or electric boat. No permit required. Everything becomes clearer and more true on the water. Moor-up now and again to explore by bike, kayak or a paddle board.

Perfect relaxation!

Take a nap or try your hand at fishing. Why not both at once?

And then, of course, the little restaurants along the banks. You may find one in a lock house. Gourmet and tasty, all the cuisine is made with local produce.

Freedom and environmental responsibility are the two sides of a Mayenne valley holiday!

Explore the

Mayenne valley

Using locks on the way up

Using locks on the way down

Symbols used on the locks

Picto Jaune Rivière La Mayenne

Lock keeper present to open the lock for you


Picto Bleu Rivière La Mayenne

No lock keeper – opening under the responsability of the user, respecting times of use and other regulations

Symbols used on the locks

Picto Jaune Bleu

Lock keeper temporarily absent:
• April, May, June and September: 9.30 am to 12.30 and 2 pm to 7 pm
• July an August: 9.30 am to 12.30 and 1.30 pm to 7 pm

Picto RougeLock closed – It is forbidden to use this lock

Download the Mayenne river app

Embark on a cruise of a few hours or several days on the Mayenne river.
To the rhythm of the 37 locks between Mayenne and the south of Château-Gontier there are 60 km of rolling countryside to explore, with lots of unsuspected castles, manors and old villages to visit
Use the Mayenne river app for all the practical information you’ll need for safe navigation and easy passage through the locks.

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