En haut du belvédère - Mont des AvaloirsEn haut du belvédère - Mont des Avaloirs
©En haut du belvédère - Mont des Avaloirs |Sarah Veyseyrre
The Mont des AvaloirsHalfway between the land and the sky

Summit of the Mont des Avaloirs

We all seek harmony in our lives, and sometimes a clear horizon is enough to free your mind!

At 416 metres (1360 feet), perched on the roof of the Mayenne, find the balance you’re looking for.

At the top of the hill

A view from the heights.
Head for the Mont des Avaloirs, considered to be “the summit” of the West region. 416 meters (1360 feet) above sea level, to which you need to add 18 meters to reach the top of the observation tower! There is a staircase, so it’s not exactly Everest…
The view is magnificent, you get a real birds-eye view over fifty kilometres in every direction, With no obstacles on the horizon.
In clear weather, legend says you can see the silhouette of Mont Saint-Michel.
See if you can see it!

At your feet, the natural world

The ideal place for contemplating of the landscape. Forest, moor and hedgerows… Here you’re in the heart of the Normandie-Maine Regional Natural Park, one of the 46 French parks, spread out before you from the heights of the hills of Normandy and Maine to the heart of the “bocage” countryside, straddling the départements of Mayenne, Sarthe, Orne and Manche.

A land for hikers

From your high vantage point you’ll be looking forward to diving into nature.
Come back down to earth for a hike through the countryside.

Two minutes ago we were like a bird, now we’re more like a forest creature following the trail…
Use all your senses to experience the natural world around you!

Fresque multicolore du belvédère - Mont des AvaloirsFresque multicolore du belvédère - Mont des Avaloirs
©Fresque multicolore du belvédère - Mont des Avaloirs

Did you know…

Street artist Seb Toussaint has worked around the world, and recently came home to bring the observation tower to life. He has produced a fresco that can be viewed inside the building, giving his colourful vision of the tower.
Different patterns on the theme of nature by day and by night, with giant flowers in anamorphosis, ferns, moons, geometric patterns, owls and the Saint Martin’s harrier in all its colourful splendour.

Christophe C.

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Mont des avaloirs


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