Painter, designer and decorator, originally from the Sarthe, Yvon Huet works with all types of medium, different materials and approaching a whole range of different styles.

Ten years ago, having decided to start a new life, both personal and professional, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession. Feeling very much at home in Mayenne, Yvon paints, of course, but also renovates furniture and other objects, by commission or just on a whim on demand and inspiration.

His painting and art courses are highly successful.

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Yvon Huet

“After attending our workshop, anyone will be able to paint whatever is close to their heart. Even though I keep a few secrets to myself, I like to share what I know and what I do. If they are open and curious, my students will learn a great deal!"

Yvon loves
  • Painting
  • Teaching
  • Imagining

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With a technical and artistic background bringing together all the pictorial universes, from the building trades to the Fine Arts, Yvon is well qualified to train a very wide public. He admits having surprised himself in this project: “My students are from 5 to 95 years old and come from all walks of life, I adapt to the situation and to the motivation of each one.” The courses, individual or in small groups, are given on a quarterly or yearly basis.


Yvon offers a short initiation course “for those who aren’t quite sure yet that it’s what they want to do.”

Painting and giving lessons are different, of course, but they’re inextricably linked. I paint less, but in a different way. By ensuring that my students never do the same thing twice, that they are always discovering new techniques and materials, I continuously renew my own skills. This constantly brings me new ideas, both for me and for them. “

A satisfied teacher, Yvon has only one regret: “I would like creative people to be more widely recognised.

A word from


I invite you to open the doors of creation!

I hope to share my enthusiasm with you, you give some ideas for decorating your home in the most personal way.

With my introductory courses, you’ll discover the talent that is hidden in you and learn different techniques, whatever your level, even if you don’t know how to paint. You will paint with natural “bio-based” paints.

Let me guide you, calling on my experience as a creative artist and my 10 years giving painting lessons.

Learn the right gestures, techniques and little tips to make your work decoration a success, in my artist’s studio with a friendly atmosphere with coffee!


Yvon's favourite place in

Velo Francette - Chemin de Halage - Montgiroux

Take a walk along the Mayenne towpath. Such a lovely place of discovery – the river, the plant life and wildlife, the beautiful houses, not to mention all the little restaurants and other nice places to relax…

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