After 32 years in Paris, Blandine and Daniel Delpech took the big leap into the countryside of southern Mayenne looking for an old farmhouse to renovate. But, after seeing an ad in the local weekly, they visited an abandoned château. “One gloomy February day we visited it and I said, let’s drop everything – it’s mad but we can do this!”

Daniel is a former architect: “I wanted to really get immersed in this restoration, doing all the work ourselves, to give a new lease life to this hidden gem, with all its crazy charm. “


Blandine Delpech Château De La Chasse GuerreBlandine Delpech Château De La Chasse Guerre
©Blandine Delpech Château De La Chasse Guerre
Blandine Delpech

“At first we couldn't really believe people would want to stay with us, sharing our adventure, discovering the ruins in the grounds and all the rest of it, but our children believed in us. From the day after the first ad was placed, we had our first guests and it hasn't stopped since. We had no experience in the hospitality industry, so we just behaved as if we had friends staying. Being host is, after all, a human exchange and that approach suits us well."

Blandine loves
  • The soul of old stones
  • Authenticity
  • Welcoming guests as friends

Estampille Slowlydays


The Delpeches have worked hard with their own hands to turn this ruined château into an enchanted place to stay, with three lovely guest rooms.

Between the restored parts and the remains of the defensive architecture, the fortress gate makes an amazing focal point: “As soon as you cross the threshold, you feel welcomed by the buildings – it really is magical. The ruins are serene and calm, and the pressures of life seem to fly away. The castle was originally a safe keep for local populations to take refuge in troubled times. We don’t know the whole story yet, but I can feel it inside me. The stones, their history, the architecture – they really are the centre of our lives.”






“I always experience a bit of stress before our visitors arrive. But as soon as they are happily installed in their rooms, everything is fine. We always let them set the tone, according to their expectations, their questions. We offer a table d’hôte, something simple, natural, the sort of thing you might cook for passing friends. This service happened naturally as we realised our guests rarely want to go back out once they’ve got settled in. Mealtimes are when we talk and get to know each other, too.

Our discussions often take up where we left off at breakfast before we give them tour the estate. People often dream of a project like ours but don’t dare take the plunge. We have a few tips to give them some energy and confidence!”


A word from

Blandine and Daniel

We hope to:

  • share our little corner of the world
  • pass on our experience, listen, discuss, and share
  • recommend suitable tourist routes, our home recipes and our environmentally friendly ideas.

Meals with the good taste of fruits and vegetables freshly picked in our garden and good warm homemade bread, – why not stay and have dinner with us to make the magical moment last longer – our guest for the day becomes our friend for a night!



Blandine and Daniel

Where to find

Blandine and Daniel

Blandine's favourite place in

Rando De Lancelot Au Pays De LassayRando De Lancelot Au Pays De Lassay
©Rando De Lancelot Au Pays De Lassay

“In the northern part of Mayenne you’ll get really carried away by the leafy groves and country lanes, this is the deep countryside. The amazing landscapes with all their old-world charm have such an amazing atmosphere. The people who live here are just like the countryside itself – lovely!”