Saint Pierre Sur ErveSaint Pierre Sur Erve
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Saint-Pierre-sur-ErveAs if time wanted to stop


Nestled in the beautiful valley of the river Erve, one of our most picturesque rivers, which also flows through Sainte-Suzanne and Saulges, Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve is a village not to be missed.


From the river at the foot of the village, climb the streets to the bell tower at its summit. Stone and slate roofs, more and more of which are being beautifully restored, create a charming and rustic atmosphere.

It’s as if time would stop if it could…

The “Nyctalope” candlelit walk

Like all the “Small Cities of Character,” Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve has lots of highly original activities.

On August 15, the eve of the festival, the electricity is turned off and we light hundreds of candles to make the village shine – you’re invited for a stroll, a drink and a chat by the light of flaming torches.

Another night-time event is the “Nyctalope,” at the end of June, a picturesque hike and mountain biking tour.

A bridge for pedestrians

One of the charming features of the village is the narrow pedestrian bridge.

It was built in the Middle Ages to avoid having to ford the river.

For centuries, Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve was a stopover on an important Gallo-Roman road and the medieval road which followed it.

Today’s tourists take that same old road, finding all the magic of times gone by as they walk along under the sunshine or under the stars.


A heritage revealed

Near the bridge and the old ford, the old village washhouse nestles among the foliage.

While the Romanesque church and its bell tower are a model of simplicity, their importance and character can still be seen in the quality of the stonework in the old outbuildings.

At the top of a hill just outside the village is a chapel with a superb panorama over the hills of Coëvrons and Sainte-Suzanne.


Le Bistro - Saint Pierre Sur ErveLe Bistro - Saint Pierre Sur Erve
©Le Bistro - Saint Pierre Sur Erve

Did you know…

From May to September volunteers of the festival committee take turns every day at to run a small café at the old auberge. It makes village life more lively and also helps the finances.

Why not drop in!


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