Les Halles - Saint Denis D AnjouLes Halles - Saint Denis D Anjou
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Saint-Denis d'AnjouHeritage, vines and ukuleles...

Saint-Denis d’Anjou

Saint-Denis-d’Anjou, is another “Petite Cité de Caractère” with striking medieval architectural and heritage.

A pint of Anjou

The south of Mayenne once belonged to the dukes of Anjou.

Saint-Denis d’Anjou is a beautiful village which holds the “Petite Cité de Caractère” award, and you can immediately see why,

  • in the light stone of the beautiful Medieval and Renaissance residences,
  • in the flower displays in the alleys and courtyards.

The square formed by the canon’s house, the Romanesque church and the wooden halls from the early 16th century is one of the cutest you’ll ever see.


Wine society, and the village pond at Morinière

If you say Anjou, you’re usually talking wine!

A wine society in La Morinière has revived a vineyard in the style of the old local tradition.

Planted in 1996, it has been producing a pleasant white wine, Clos de la Morinière, since 2000. You’ll find it in all the cafes and restaurants in the village.

La Morinière can be reached on foot and brings together two large ponds forming a natural and ornithological reserve.


The village is home to three protected bell towers

The gentle sunlight of Anjou bathes the surrounding countryside. Charming views, hamlets and farmhouses with characteristic buildings, châteaux in their natural settings, locks and mills, all create a special atmosphere that never fails to delight visitors.

Visit the village church and then the chapels of the old towns of Saint-Martin-Villenglose and Varennes-Bourreau — a pleasant afternoon stroll.


To see and do

Events in the village are coloured by its heritage and its landscape.

The Estiv’halles festival is a summer picnic markets, and there are food markets all year round. Guided walking tours, night torchlit tours, gourmet tours… something will be going on whenever you visit!


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Did you know…

Saint-Denis d’Anjou has a ukulele orchestra and even a ukulele festival, the “Maine Uke Festiv’Halles” takes place every year in June and invites prestigious guests from the ukulele world, with masterclasses, introductory lessons, an open mic stage and always lots of fun.

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