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Parné-sur-Rocsuch beautiful houses


The village of Parné-sur-Roc is another “Petite Cité de Caractère,” on on the top of the hill (the “Roc” in question) and facing south.

On the hillside

If you arrive along the road from Entrammes (where a Roman thermal spa still stands under the church) you can see why its setting is so advantageous.

Before entering the steep, flowery streets, go down to the medieval bridge to appreciate the view and spare a thought for the Marquise de Sévigné, who drove her carriage into the water here.


Parné trout farm

Trout are farmed and processed (fillets, rillettes, eggs, etc.) in Parné-sur-Roc, a tasty speciality that you’ll find on the menu of many Mayenne restaurants.

You can buy this great product directly from the business.

Anglers will be interested to know that you can fish on site. Groups are welcome.

A “conservatory” of houses

Besides the Romanesque church and its many-coloured paintings, The appeal of Parné lies in the architectural variety of its town houses.

It’s as if the local people were working on a collection of medieval, Renaissance and 19th century dwellings.

Each building cultivates its difference – the staircase tower of the medieval houses, a house with two turrets, the half-timbering of the Croix-Blanche, decorative fantasies on the Maison du Frippier – come and see the variety for yourself!

Walk around and discover more.

Lime kilns

During your walks in Mayenne, you will often see the tall silhouettes of the old lime kilns.

The lime industry was highly prosperous here in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

In Parné, you’ll see the imposing silhouettes of the lime kilns (the last of which finished work in 1936) and, around them, the homes of the men and women who worked in them.

Their facades are adorned with terracotta rosettes typical of the place and time.

Journées des Peintres dans la rue - Parné sur RocN°3 015 Tardif LoÏc
©Journées des Peintres dans la rue - Parné sur Roc

Did you know…

The traditional Artist’s Day (mid-June) sees painters from all over the attempting to capture the atmosphere and soul of the town’s many faces.

The event also doubles as a Country Heritage Day.

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