Château de LassayChâteau de Lassay
©Château de Lassay|Pascal Beltrami
Lassay-les-ChâteauxProud and never taken, a medieval fortress


Lassay-les-Châteaux is a charming place with the a rich heritage, a medieval garden and a beautiful rose garden.

According to a famous writer…

I came across Lassay one day, a charming little town, half-wild, planted right in the middle of the countryside, with three châteaux! I stopped and drew two of them, most admirable.

Almost two centuries after Victor Hugo wrote these lines, the château are still there, the remains of Bois-Frou, the romantic ruins of Bois-Thibault and, of course, the majesty of the Château de Lassay. It has endured the centuries and many military assaults, but hardly shows any change.

A fortress to take you back in time.


The fight for the château

The monumental task of restoring the fortified château, its eight towers linked by the rampart and its barbican gate, hoping to pass it on as they received it, is the daily life of the de Montalembert family.

By visiting the château, taking part in the many events that take place (theatre, concerts, candlelight visits, battle re-enactments and much more) you will be contributing to the upkeep of this great witness to our history.

The Château de Lassay was one of the very first sites selected for support by French National Lottery money.

Lassay is one of the “Small Cities of Character” whose charms are not limited to its château, however remarkable it may be.

A stroll in village will lead you past the many old stone wash-houses along the river Lassay, the rose garden, the medieval garden and the terraced gardens of the town hall.

The charm of the village is also to be found in the preservation of signs and shop windows from yesteryear (the tourist office is an excellent example). The beautiful local fawn-coloured stone brings unity and harmony to the buildings of the historical centre.

Let the locals guide you

In Lassay, each summer, the inhabitants dress up for theatrical visits.

Not to be missed!

Each year (mid-July), the streets of the town welcome the Entrelacés, a “family-friendly” street arts festival for young and old alike.


Sentier Pissarro PietteSentier Pissarro Piette
©Sentier Pissarro Piette

Did you know…

Moisson à Montfoucault,” the famous impressionist work by Camille Pissarro was painted in Lassay where the artist stayed on several occasions.

The Pissarro-Piette trail guides you in the footsteps of the artist and his friends.

Many other thematic hiking trails await you around Lassay.

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