The "Lancelot Trefoil"
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In the footsteps of Sir Lancelot

A legendary trek

For pony trekking fans, the true knights of modern times, the Grand Chemin Equestrian farm in Madré has created a trek called “le Trèfle de Lancelot.” A trèfle is a trefoil – a three-bladed leaf, like a clover, and the trek follows three loops laid out like a trefoil. Each has several stages, and you can take one of more of them during your visit, depending on the time available.

Immerse yourself in legends, adventures, courtly love and the quest for the Grail. Jean-Yves, your tour guide, will tell you about the legend of King Arthur while guiding you along the paths to the sites and landscapes that keep this legend alive.

The Trèfle de Lancelot is made up of three circuits, each with seven stages of 25 to 35 km in length, on routes suitable for horseback riding.

Lassay and Orne country

The first leaf of the trefoil leads riders to the kingdom of Ban de Banoïc, home of the father of Sir Lancelot. Vieux Banvou, capital of Ban de Banoïc, is where Chrétien de Troyes wrote his tales of Lancelot. At the Fosse Arthour you can admire the “chambers” of the queen and the king. Further on, you cross the bridge where Gawain tried to capture Guinevere.

In West Mayenne

The second leaf takes riders to the Pays de Gorre. The major sites on this route are the Gué-de-Loré on the Mayenne river, church of the three saints, from which Chrétien de Troyes was inspired to create the character of Lancelot.


The third leaf leads our mounted squires into the ancient forest of Nuz (the scene of a tournament instituted by the ladies of Arthur’s court), passing through Montsûrs where you’ll discover the legend of the Three Holy Marys who accompanied Joseph of Arimathea, bearer of the Grail, through the region.


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