Tramping around the countryside
©Saint-Calais-du-Désert|Dominique Vernier
3,000 km of discoveries

Country walks

Three thousand kilometres of walking trails and country lanes await you in the Valleys of Mayenne.

Hiking, cycling, mountain biking and pony riding in Mayenne are all ways for visitors to get the most out of our unexpected landscapes and an amazing heritage.

The people of Mayenne have made their living environment a traveller’s paradise.

Rando à Sainte-Suzanne -Tertre GanneRando à Sainte-Suzanne -Tertre Ganne
©Rando à Sainte-Suzanne -Tertre Ganne|Pascal Beltrami

Hiking in Slowlydays mode

Mayenne is the ideal setting for letting go, enjoying the fresh air and enjoying nature. More sporty visitors will find everything they need, with more demanding trails and hikes, all signposted like the others. Above all, wandering around Mayenne, whatever your means of transport, is a serene, soothing experience.

If you’re coming with the family, why not share the conviviality of our trails and routes with one of our guides from the many hiking and cycling clubs or the Tourist Office?

You’ll be amazed by range of routes on offer. Our experts constantly update and enrich them with new initiatives, always making sure the start and finish points are as close as possible to the places where you’re staying.

A heritage revealed

Whether trekking, hiking or riding, your journey through Mayenne is also a journey back in time. The heritage of centuries can be read in the stone of the châteaux, chapels, bridges and charming houses, while the landscape itself is the memory of boat traders, salt-pan workers and farmers, who still today use the same well-worn medieval and Gallo-Roman paths. Great stories, which unfold as you go.

Country lanes with clear horizons

From the gentle valleys of the south, to the surprising relief of the north and east, Mayenne offers a wide variety of landscapes: wide horizons at Avaloirs and Coëvrons), pastures and orchards in the Normandy-Maine park), moorland, hedgerows, the, Mayenne towpath, ancient paths and greenways built along old railway lines.

In the footsteps of

local experts

The Mayenne Hiking Committee and the clubs attached to it are very active locally. They organise lots of events (including the “Brevet des Randonneurs” which brings together several thousand walkers every May 1st), guided hikes, night walks and thematic hikes (gourmet, heritage, natural spaces) – there’s something to please every pair of walking shoes, all year round

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