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Introduction to woodworking

Whether you’ve always dreamed of learning to work with wood or you simply want to improve your skills, Hervé welcomes you to his workshop to share his know-how with you.

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Meet Hervé

“Cabinetmaking is something you only get into if you're really passionate about the art. I'm committed to passing on my knowledge and techniques to anyone with real enthusiasm for learning the profession as well as to those who want to make it a hobby”

Learn how to turn a candlestick, an egg cup or your own design

During this 2 to 5 day course, Hervé will introduce you to the basics of woodworking.

Wood is a noble material, which can easily be tamed but which requires a great deal of concentration and a solid technical base. The use of different wood species, the names of the tools, the safety rules to be respected – these will be the basis of your training. Armed with this knowledge, it will be time for you to start your own project. Under the watchful eye of the cabinetmaker, who is also a certified teacher, you will draw the plans for your future work, before moving on to the creation.

The abbey workshop

Hervé’s workshop is aptly named, being located in a place as peaceful as it is curious: the Abbey of Notre Dame du Port du Salut. The priory is well known for the cheese that was made there by the Trappist monks, but it was also home to a carpenter whose workshop Hervé took over a few years ago.

It is in this calm and original setting, not far from Mayenne, that you will develop your skills as a budding carpenter.




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This workshop includes

  • A presentation of the lathe and its function
  • The handling and sharpening of tools
  • Learning various turning techniques (cylinders, mouldings, etc.)
  • Sanding and finishing
  • The creation of various objects that you will take home (decorative objects, a vase, lamp base, jewellery box, candelabra, a piece of furniture perhaps)

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