Refuge animalier de l'Arche -Refuge animalier de l'Arche -
Animal rescue centerMayenne is their refuge
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Animal Rescue Center – “l’Arche”

Taking care of others is a morale booster for the carer as much as the patient

In Mayenne, this animal refuge can’t fail to touch your heart – a day out to learn that a good deed is always rewarded!

An animal refuge

The Arche refuge was created forty years ago.
It takes in mistreated animals from illegal trades or those abandoned by bad masters.

The animals here are not selected because they are the most appealing or the most extravagant, but because they have a story, often chaotic, sometimes unusual, to tell.

A heart in every story

Each animal’s story makes you wonder about the good and bad in people

Cared for and fed by the refuge team and visitors, the animals rebuild themselves and their trust in people in the green pastures of Mayenne.

Healing and relearning trust

Meet Lulu the ostrich, Baringo the lion cub, Martha the bear, Paco the blind alpaca and our mischievous marmoset.

Some animals had spent their whole lives at the end of a rope, on a circus wagon or in a concrete cage. One even fell from a truck.

After such a painful past, only the present moment is important to them. The only thing they need is a place where they can feel safe.

This is true for people too!

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