Certified reflexologist (hands, feet and face) practicing in Meslay-du-Maine and Mayenne, Christèle is Mayenne born and bred, feels most at home close to her roots and has chosen to live here. Her earlier professional life in human resources in industry was less than fulfilling, and she retrained in natural therapy. Her choice of a new life helped her rediscover the values she had always cherished since childhood.

Natural care, from a trained professional.

Christèle Robin Réflexologue
Christèle Robin

"I see myself as a guide on the path to well-being. Your smile starts in your feet!"

Christèle loves
  • Helping people to relax
  • Giving advice
  • Raising awareness

Estampille Slowlydays

“Seeing people getting better after their reflexology course reaffirms my belief that I’m doing the right thing”

Holidays are ideal for discovering reflexology. It’s a moment when you can decompress, reconnect with your body and realise that it has the resources within it to bring the relaxation energy and vitality you need.

People often don’t realise that the body is a messenger, that it sends signals and that feeling good can be the solution to many problems.




I am a guide on the path to well-being, your smile comes from your feet. Reflexology brings benefits at all levels. Although it may not be able to cure cancer it makes it possible to improve the daily life of patients. It should be seen as complementary to medical treatment but not replacing it. Above all, it is a prevention tool.

The workshops (stress management, etc.) and awareness-raising actions in which Christèle participates are weapons in her mission to promote the benefits of reflexology.

She hopes to bring this fascinating technique closer to people, making it more accessible, so that everyone can enjoy the relaxation and feeling of wellness it gives.

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As a certified reflexologist, I will put the smile back in your feet with a variety of reflexology sessions.

I welcome people of all ages to my studio, which has a cosy atmosphere and a relaxing setting, where you’ll find vitality, serenity and well-being.

I’m a good listener and will be attentive to your needs. I’ll take care of your feet to relieve your nervous and muscular tensions, and, depending on your personal needs, I can teach you some movements to do at home.

This natural therapy, based on nothing more than touch, and perfectly respectful of the human body, will make you feel a great physical relaxation and a feeling of wellness and fullness.



Christèle's favourite thing in

La Tourte Mayennaise

“Going to the farms and producers of the region for food and craft products.For example, there are lots of producers at Meslay-du-Maine doing excellent work.”

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