Gourmet hampers

Enjoy great local specialities

  • Les Paniers Gourmands à Laval et produits du terroir

    Les Paniers Gourmands à Laval et produits du terroir

    © Photo : Mayenne Tourisme

  • Panier Germinois à Saint-Germain-le-Fouilloux

    Panier Germinois à Saint-Germain-le-Fouilloux

    © Photo : Panier Germinois

Mayenne is a predominantly agricultural region with industrial production to boot, local produce  full of Mayenne flavour can be found around many corners

Organic goats’ cheese, rabbit pâté, traditional farmhouse pâté, foie gras as good as you’ll get anywhere in France… cakes, chocolate and, of course, ciders, pommeaus, perries (a kind of cider, but made with pears!) and more…
It can sometimes be difficult to get hold of these delicacies; the producers might be based at the bottom of a valley or tucked away in a tiny village, and they don’t always have a shop.

You can find these products in specialist shops, in particular:

"Les Paniers Gourmands"
62 rue du Général de Gaulle
53000 Laval
Tel: +33 (0)2 43 69 00 41

"Le Gars Daudet"
les Halles du Vieux Saint Louis
53000 Laval
Tel: +33 (0)2 43 53 01 45

"Le Panier Germinois"
17 rue des chapelles
53240 St Germain le Fouilloux
Tel: +33 (0)2 43 64 50 71