Contemporary Art Centres

Contemporary art, a rich source of discovery and revelation, has its roots in Mayenne
Several towns have established a regular cycle of resident artists, art displays, and visiting artists from near and far.

  • Chapelle des Calvairiennes

    Chapelle des Calvairiennes

    © Photo : Chapelle des Calvairiennes

  • La Chapelle du Genêteil

    La Chapelle du Genêteil

    © Photo : Chapelle du Genêteil

  •  Centre d’Art Contemporain de Pontmain

    Centre d’Art Contemporain de Pontmain

    © Photo : Centre d’Art Contemporain de Pontmain

In Mayenne, Château-Gontier and Pontmain, arts centres hold open house, giving everyone chance to enjoy their rich and varied programmes.
In Mayenne, contemporary art has built up a keen following amongst a public that is always receptive to innovative works providing scope for exploring new ideas.

Pontmain Contemporary Art Centre
Since its launch in 1999, Pontmain’s Centre for Contemporary Art has established a varied programme based around individual or collective exhibitions, of works created for the gallery or from private or public collections. The programming is centred around three exhibitions that change with the seasons: spring, summer and autumn.
The mission of the Centre is to support artistic creation, and so, every spring, the centre plays host to several young artists in residence for a period of one month.
The Centre also places great importance on raising the public profile of contemporary art, which it aims to achieve through visits and through workshops on artistic techniques.

The Chapel of the Calvairiennes in Mayenne
This 17th century former chapel was renovated in the 1990s.
It has an altar-piece in tufa and black marble, dated to 1668 and created by Pierre Biardeau.
Today the Chapel of the Calvairiennes is used for exhibitions.

Le Genêteil Chapel in Château-Gontier
Built in the 12th century, this former chapel is now a Centre for Contemporary Art and is dedicated especially to exhibitions and installations by young artists, as well as established talents and specific projects.

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