The department’s riding network

An ambitious project for the benefit of horse-riders!

  • Réseau équestre - ancienne voie ferrée

    Réseau équestre - ancienne voie ferrée

    © Photo : Dominique Vernier

This ambitious project, begun by the Mayenne Departmental Committee for Equestrian Tourism  with the support of the 'Conseil Général' (general council), will eventually provide a network of 1000 km  of bridleways, including 85 km  of towpath and 128 km  of former railway line, also providing accommodation and quality services.

This will mean that riding enthusiasts will be able to count on safe and maintained routes enabling them to get the most out of this passionate sport.
You can already explore the Coëvrons  area with its unspoilt land and amazing views:
- Sainte-Suzanne, a medieval town perched on a rocky promontory
- Panoramic views of the Erve, listed under the Natura 2000scheme
- The Charnie forest
- The Coëvrons hills
- The top of Mont Rochard (357 m).

Ride along the River Mayenne towpath , one of the most beautiful green pathways in France.
A splendid 85-kilometre route along the river.
- In the heart of the countryside, take a break in one of the river-side restaurants or picnic under the trees.
- You can stop and admire remarkable views along the way, such as the beautiful lock houses adorned with flowers.
The Mayenne countryside is a real change of scenery.
The towpath is open to all non-motorised traffic and you will find information panels on the wildlife, flowers, and local history.
This is already a favourite spot for many horse-riders!

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